sexta-feira, março 20, 2009


Ontem, via Jornal Público, tivemos uma boa notícia, que fui confrontar na fonte (aqui):
"European University Association elects new Board members"

"Members of the European University Association (EUA) today (Thursday 19th March 2009) elected the following eight university leaders as the members of the next EUA Board.

- David Drewry, University of Hull, UK;
- Jean-Pierre Finance, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1, France;
- Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, University of Aarhus, Denmark;
- Tadeusz Luty, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland;
- Maria Helena Nazaré, University of Aveiro, Portugal;
- Sijbolt Noorda, VSNU, The Netherlands;
- Giuseppe Silvestri, University of Palermo, Italy;
- Margret Wintermantel, HRK, Germany.
These eight candidates received the highest numbers of votes from the General Assembly held on the opening day of the EUA 5th Convention of European Higher Education Institutions in Prague.
The new EUA Board will consist of the elected eight members and new EUA President, Professor Jean Marc Rapp - who officially takes over from Professor Georg Winckler today in Prague.
EUA’s Board meets regularly, five or six times a year, and is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Association's policy, the planning of its activities, and the overall organisation of its affairs."

Parabéns à Senhora Reitora

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