segunda-feira, novembro 19, 2007

Engenheirando o futuro da engenharia

Na página da European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education, encontrei um artigo muito interessante de Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo - intitulado "Technical Education - from London 2007 to Leuven/Louvain-La-Neuve 2009… and beyond" - no qual expõe, de uma forma excepcionalmente brilhante, uma sua visão do futuro das formações nesse domínio do conhecimento, e de que extraio os pontos que se seguem, sublinhando, propositadamente, um deles:
Our individual and local universe is larger and larger.
· Time and space concepts and dimensions have changed dramatically.
· The reference of whatever (quality, competition, etc.) is now Europe and the
World, not our City or our Country.
· Standards must be high, inflexibly high, attitude holistic, mind flexible.
· The need is clear for a reference qualifications framework and for international recognition of quality assurance standards and procedures,
· A core group of disciplines, concerning basics and engineering, and of skills and competencies, should be recognized by consensus and implemented.
· A complementary group of elective advanced curricular modules should lead the student to work on frontier topics of engineering.
· External training, more practical ‘hands-on’ training is required for first-degree level. If possible in another Country.
· There must be an understanding that it is essential that Academia and Industry, in the European Space, co-operate offering each other aided-value, by accepting students for training (the Industry), by jointly designing pilot case studies, by providing theoretical background through courses (the Academia).
· Lifelong learning is the key concept to have the edge.

Alguma coisa está mesmo em grandes mudanças no pensamento nacional e, pelos vistos, não é só a engenharia...Ufa!! Que descanso! AINDA BEM!

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